About Us

Matt and I started making our own CBD products in our home over 2 years ago because of the tremendous benefit we both found in CBD.

We are a direct to consumer business through our website and we focus on offering affordable, quality Hemp CBD Products.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve wonderful customers and we strive every day do build a brand you can rely on!

We work hard to provide you the best quality CBD Products
for you and your Pets!

Our brand is designed to enrich your life with all-natural products made with the cleanest ingredients we can find. Every product is designed with the end user experience in mind.

All of our topical products are designed to focus on skin care first. Customers with dry, cracked, and sensitive skin will find a tremendous benefit in our brand focus.

We won’t make a product we don’t fully endorse and use ourselves. 

We stand behind every item we sell, because we actually make it 🙂

Our Team

Matt Gill


Rebecca Kolb