100mg CBD Goblet Bomb


They are back and in limited stock! Goblet bombs in all black or black and slime green scented in Candy Corn and dosed with 100mg CBD.

Bringing back a fun and ghoulish twist for your Halloween loving mermaid self 🙂 These Skeleton Goblets come in All-Black and Black and Neon Slime Green!
These Goblets will come with 100mg of CBD in them and will smell like candy corn!
*Goblet colors will vary between orange, black and purple*
To make bubbles, leave the goblet under running water as your tub fills, for more of a bath bomb effect, wait till your tub has filled and enjoy!!
Use however you see fit, watch our Instagram and Facebook for more fun ideas!

All Black Salts, Black and Neon Green Salts

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