100mg First Snowfall Gemstone Glycerin Soap


100mg Eucalyptus & Peppermint scented soap embedded with Sodalite inside glycerine soap.

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This Frosty beauty is scented in a cooling Peppermint & Eucalyptus blend. So refreshing and helps clear your sinuses right away. Reminds you of a beautiful and zesty first snowfall. Embedded inside this gorgeous sparkly soap is a blue snowflake with Sodalite embedded inside. This gemstone helps bring your mind order & calmness. It encourages rational thoughts as well as helps you verbalize your feelings. This stone can help increase your self-esteem and trust yourself. This soap is full of white silver glitter to remind you of that first snowfall of the year!

Ingredients: Glycerine Soap, eco-friendly glitter, essential oil, CBD hemp extract, gemstone tumble.

Crystals can be small & Cause choke hazards. Not intended for children.