100mg Geraniol Splatter Mica Painted Bath Bomb w/optional Antler Bracelet


100mg of CBD in this HUGE 10oz Bath Bomb – 3x our regular bath bomb size!


We have some really fun products coming out this time of year and we’ve decided to let our Artistic side loose a little bit with new Mica painted Splatter art!

The first release of this will be a beautiful pink & round Geraniol Terpene bath bomb with Teal/Purple/Silver/Blue Paint splatters! These look amazing and add a unique extra flare to the bath bomb experience!

This bomb is also our latest collaboration set option with Antlers By Anela! Grab a beautiful rose quartz antler bracelet for yourself or as a great gift idea!

The bracelet will come separately in a pink drawstring bag, a great $5 add on option to go along with these unique bath bombs!

Bracelet Options

Bath Bomb with Rose Quartz Antler Bracelet from Antlers By Anela, Bath Bomb without Antler Bracelet