50mg CBD Dripping in Gold Bath Bomb


5 of our most popular bath bombs in a fun round shape and Dripping in Non-Metallic, Eco-Friendly, Plant-Based Gold Glitter!


We wanted to kick off 2020 with a bang with our new “Dripping in Gold” Round Bath Bomb Release!

5 of our most popular bath bombs in a round shape with Gold Glitter Paint Dripping off the Top.

5 Scent Options:

  • Lala Land (Lavender and Jasmine)
  • Mermaid Waters (Mango & Pineapple)
  • Linalool Terpene Bomb (Lavender Terpene)
  • Geraniol Terpene Bomb (Geraniums/Floral Terpene)
  • Walk in the Woods Terpene Bomb (Pine Terpene)

This is the beginning of a new shift of fun color themes and new shapes. Enjoy this initial release and stay tuned for more fun themes and color schemes in 2020!

These bombs come with 50mg of CBD in each one and come in a fun new box as well.

Ingredients For Color Bombs: Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, SLSA (Sodium Laurel Sulfo-Acetate), Plant-Based Glycerine Color, Plant-Based Glitter (Eco-Friendly and Non-Metallic) Essential oil, Coconut Oil, Activated Hemp Extract.
Bath Bomb Scent Option

Mermaid Waters (Mango & Pineapple), Lala Land (Lavender & Jasmine), Geraniol Terpene, Linalool Terpene, Walk in the Woods Terpene (Pine)

Customer Reviews

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So so good!!

Last night I tried this bath bomb and today my skin feels amazing!! So soft, I love it and can’t wait to get more :)