AM/PM Terpene Liquid Hemp Drops Set


Combo Pack of our AM/PM Terpene Blends in 3 Strength Options!

This special blend is the perfect daily balance to most CBD users.
The AM blend provides users a heightened metabolism, a small boost of energy and mental focus from the citral & limonene terpenes. This blend will taste like sweet citrus.
The PM blend of linalool and vanilla is ideal for evenings, relaxing, calming of the mind, eases tension from the muscles and helps battle insomnia. This blend will taste like lavender and vanilla, YUM!
We believe these new terpene blends are a more enhanced way to utilize CBD!
Ingredients: Citral Terpene Isolate, Limonene Terpene Isolate, Linalool Terpene Isolate, Natural Vanilla Flavor, MCT Oil, Activated Hemp Extract.
Product contains 0% THC**

2 x 2oz – 500mg (5mg CBD Per Dropper), 2 x 2oz – 1000mg (10mg CBD Per Dropper), 2 x 2oz – 2000mg (20mg CBD Per Dropper)

Customer Reviews

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I brought this combo with me while traveling out of the country. Not only did it help me regulate my sleep/being awake so much faster, it helped me deal with staying with my family for two weeks and anxiety :laughing:

Sleep well, live well

The 1000mg terpene infused PM CBD drops have a delicious vanilla taste and truly help as a natural sleep aid. You feel so relaxed after about an hour or 2 and they helped me sleep through the night. The AM drops help keep a balanced level mind once you wake :heart: