AM Terpene Liquid Hemp CBD Drops


AM Terpene Liquid Hemp CBD Drops

Energizing and Metabolism Boosting Citral & Limonene, Terpene+CBD morning blend.


AM Terpene Liquid Hemp CBD Drops:

The AM blend provides users a heightened metabolism, a small boost of energy and mental focus from the citral & limonene terpenes. This blend will taste like sweet citrus.

Comes in a 2oz Glass Bottle.

We believe these new terpene blends are a more enhanced way to utilize CBD!

Ingredients: Citral Terpene Isolate, Limonene Terpene Isolate, MCT Oil, Activated Hemp Extract (CBD).

Product contains 0% THC**


1oz – 500mg (10mg CBD Per Dropper), 2oz – 1000mg (10mg CBD Per Dropper), 2oz – 2000mg (20mg CBD Per Dropper)