Camping Essentials CBD Set

$130.00 $117.00

Camping and Outdoor Essentials CBD and Terpene Set

Over the years we have developed several unique products that are specifically designed to be used in the outdoors and while being active!

When you head to the woods you should always take our Camping Essentials set for stress and pain-free weekends!

The Camping Essentials CBD Set comes equipped with:

1 x 2oz – 1000mg Turmeric+CBD Muscle Stick for on the go pain relief in a no-mess applicator!

1 x 4oz – 50mg CBD Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Oil: Bug-B-Gone Bug repellant formula to keep the sun and mosquitos at bay during the day!

1 x 4oz – 300mg Terpene+CBD Bug-B-Gone Moisturizing Balm to soothe your skin at the end of the day and add an extra layer of natural bug-repelling terpene power to keep your campfire lounging enjoyable!

1 x .5oz – 250mg Liquid Hemp CBD Drops 1-Week Sample bottle to help keep your mind and body calm while you de-stress.

We love all of these products when we head to the woods for a weekend and now you can grab them all in a fun & discounted set!

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