CBD Bath Oil


CBD Bath Oil

Infused Bath Oil with all-natural plant-based glitter. Scent Free.



CBD Bath Oil

Our CBD Bath Oil is the perfect addition to our bath lineup!!
Add CBD to EVERY bath with this beautiful shimmering oil, colored with eco-friendly plant-based glitter. Our CBD Bath Oil does not contain any scent so it makes a wonderful add-on to any bathing experience.
Our goal with this product is to offer our customers the option to Up-Dose any bath they take. This is a great way to take stronger baths more regularly that is also a little easier on the pocketbook 🙂
We even encourage our customers to try our non-infused options for their bath bombs and simply add CBD using our Bath Oil!
Take advantage of a great new option and try our Bath Oil product today!
Ingredients: Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Red Raspberry Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Activated Hemp Extract, plant-based glitter color.

1oz – 500mg (10mg CBD Per Dropper), 2oz – 1000mg (10mg CBD Per Dropper), 2oz – 2000mg (20mg CBD Per Dropper), 2oz – 3000mg (30mg CBD Per Dropper), 2oz – 5000mg (50mg CBD Per Dropper), 4oz – 10000mg (60mg CBD Per Dropper)

Glitter Color

Plain (No Glitter), Gold, Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, Red, Silver, Baby Blue, Green, Mint, Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Amazing as always!

I started with a lower strength of this product and have moved up to the highest. Have had many colors too and never had a problem with staining my tub. Sometimes I want more strength to my bath. Other times, I just don't want a scent. This suits all needs. It has natural oils to make your skin soft, but not so much much to slide everywhere. I do not like to be out of this product! It is hard to be out of any of Bath by Bex products, but this is in my top three staples. I know it may seem costly but break down the price and it really is a good deal.

No stretch marks!

This product was part of my skin routine while pregnant. Over my pregnancy I went from 132lbs up to 172lbs with a pretty steady gain across the board. My mother had gotten stretch marks despite using products such as cocoa butter, and I thought it was inevitable I would get them also as stretch marks tend to be hereditary.
I used this product before bed during the second and third trimester. It helped ease the itch of the stretching skin so that I could sleep! Despite gaining 40lbs over my pregnancy, I obtained no stretch marks and my stomach is returning to its regular size quickly (currently 2 weeks PP)! I highly recommend!

Jen K
Amazing product!!!

I absolutely love this CBD bath oil. At the end of a hard day it just melts all my cares away! It eases all my aches and pains sending me into a blissful state of relaxation!

Great deal!

I’ve ordered the smaller bottles of bath oil multiple times & loved them. This time I ordered the larger bottle & it did not disappoint! This bath oil is our favorite on the market & a staple in our endo tool box.


This product has changed my hot bath routine in the best way possible... when I am sore from working out, a dropper full helps tremendously with recovery.. will definitely be purchasing more!

Perlita Marlin
Great for ANY bath!

When that sad day comes when you don’t have any more bath bombs but you have maybe Dr Teals this oil is a great addition. You’re still able to feel the magic and it makes your skin feel nice and soft!

Best bath oil ever!

This is the best bath oil I’ve ever bought! I make sure to always have a bottle on hand. My daughter uses it in every bath she takes. It’s a must have in our house & has made a huge difference!