CBD Hot Chocolate on a Stick


Our One of a kind Seasonal Hot Chocolate! 50mg of CBD in a delicious cup of hot chocolate you can take anywhere!

The perfect cup of hot chocolate, all pre-made and ready to use! All you need is a cup of hot water!
This delightful treat comes with 50mg of CBD and can be purchased in Singles or 2 packs!
Three steps to delicious:
1. Microwave cup of water (or milk!) on high for 90 seconds.
2. Remove Hot Chocolate On a Stick from package and place in a hot cup. Stir until contents are dissolved.
3. Enjoy!
Ingredients: Milk Chocolate, Hot Cocoa Powder Mix, Marshmallow, Activated Hemp Extract.

Single, 2-Pack


Regular Hot Chocolate, Vegan Hot Chocolate (Dairy Free), Peppermint Bark (White Chocolate), Vegan Dark Chocolate with Peppermint bits