CBD RLS Relief Stick


Truly Unique and Effective Restless Leg Relief!

We are so happy to release the first of our Purpose Built Product Line, introducing the RLS Relief Stick!
Do you suffer from Restless Legs? This product is a revolutionary way to tackle the nagging tick of restless leg syndrome. The combination of CBD and the Linalool terpene along with Lavender essential oil is proving to be an incredibly effective treatment for RLS.
We offer this stick in 2 doses:
Standard: 2oz – 500mg
Extra Strength: 2oz – 1000mg
Our recommended use is to apply behind the knees, down the back of the calf, and on the sole of the foot! If you have specific targeted areas we recommend directly applying to those areas.
Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Beezwax, Terpene Isolate Extract, Activated Hemp Extract.



Standard – 500mg, Extra Strength – 1000mg

Customer Reviews

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No more hurting!!

I have a torn meniscus and it hurts bad!! Been using this product for about 3 months now and I swear by it!!