Color Shift Gemstone CBD MEGA Soak


MEGA Bath Soaks are large 16 oz premium glass jars filled with your favorite CBD Bath Salts in a variety of our most popular scents! These special soaks come with gemstone tumbles too large to go in a bath bomb or soap!

Color Shift Gemstone CBD MEGA Soak

We received some Large Gemstones in our latest shipments of stones, some of which are too big or awkward to go inside a bath bomb or soap so we’ve topped some of our Mega Soaks with these Mega stones! These beauties come with 500mg of CBD per jar & each soak comes with a large tumble on top! Limited Quantities of each!!!
Ingredients: Epsom Salts, Plant-Based Glycerine Color, Essential oil, Coconut Oil, Activated Hemp Extract (CBD Isolate).
Scent/Color/Crystal Combination

CItrus/Orange/Carnelion, Linalool/Blue/Clear Quartz, Lala Land/Purple/Fluorite, Lemon Vanilla/Yellow/Iron in Quartz