Full Spectrum 25mg CBD Gel Capsules


Full Spectrum 25mg CBD Gel Capsules

Third-Party Lab Tested Pytocannabinoid Rich, Full-Spectrum CBD Gel Capsules.

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We moved our business to Washington State so we could take advantage of the legal status of Full-Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil and we have our FIRST Full-Spectrum Product Available NOW!

Introducing our Full-Spectrum, Pytocannabinoid Rich CBD Oil Gel Capsules. These wonderful and convenient Full-Spectrum CBD Gel Caps come with trace amounts of THC (<0.3%) and other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant which add to the benefits found in CBD! When combined in even the smallest amounts, these molecules enjoy what is called the “entourage effect” and users will notice enhanced effectiveness with a smaller dose, which is the point of this whole plant supplement!

There are 30, 25mg servings in each bottle, the perfect 1 month supply.

Try our newest and most convenient way to use CBD!

Ingredients: Activated Hemp Extract (Full-Spectrum CBD Extract), Medium Chain Triglycerides, Hydroxypropyl, Methylcellulose, and Silicon Dioxide.

**Because of the legal status of Full-Spectrum CBD Oil in Idaho, South Dakota, and Nebraska we cannot offer this product to customers in those states. It is your responsibility as a consumer to know the legality of these products within your home state.**

Customer Reviews

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Judy Thompson
Full-Spectrum CBD caps

These are so great. I take one at night before bed and it seems to help me quiet my mind and I sleep really well.

Kawena Pai
Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules

Before I go into a review about the Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules, I know people debate if CBD helps or works or if it's legit. Please do your research and keep in mind that everyone may have results that vary. This is important to remember that.

I've been using other CBD products from Bath By Bex such as; CBD foot balm, CBD whipped body butter, CBD lip scrub/lip balm, CBD oil, CBD relief balm, and CBD turmeric soap. Although I've tried other products, the ones I've listed here are what I've been using all the time. From my experience, these products have helped me more than store bought items so it's nice to have a product that understands your needs rather not having your expectations met. I'm only talking about how I care for my sensitive skin. I know CBD oil is consumed and it has helped me but I felt I needed something strong or with a big kick. Being a big person and again I'm only speaking for myself, digesting CBD takes time to get into my system and lasts for a short period. Other people will say different, but for me my results vary and it's not a bad thing. I feel CBD will help you as much as it can, no complaints there.

When this product was announced as full-spectrum, I was unsure if it would help alleviate my mental illnesses that I've had for a while. I took my time. I didn't want to rush. I wanted to explore my other options. After mulling over the thought of these Full-spectrum CBD Capsules, I decided to buy it and was fortunate to buy it during a Christmas deal. It's not just CBD, but also has 0.3% of THC (trace amounts as the description says). I want to describe this is it's in a pill and condensed. Rather than using the CBD oil which you can use a dropper and consume as much as you want, these pills were something I was looking for and needed. The dosage says 1 pill. I'm not knowledgeable in the CBD world, but I don't think you can over dose on this. I ended up taking 2 pills, because my anxiety and depression have worsen which has also affected my sleep and myself. I didn't keep track on how many hours it took for this to take effect. I'm sorry for not providing that information.

After taking 2 pills, I really felt that huge relief wash over me. I don't know how long it's been since I was able to relax. I feel better. I can function mentally well and my sleep is starting to improve. The Full-Spectrum CBD Capsules helped pin point what I wanted it to do and it got the job done. There's no side affects for anyone wondering. I can still move around and do stuff. I take the pills as needed and it's nice to have access to buy these without any obstacles, but make sure the state you live in is okay with it. I decided to buy another bottle just in case and I'm happy with the investment I made. I am looking forward to buying more. Thank you for making this product. I'm happy to find the relief I need. :-)

1 st time ordering the gel caps

I am certain I will be very happy with this product.
As everything I have ever ordered has always exceeded my expectations.

CBD Capsules - Excellent!

Second time ordering these CBD capsules. They are fantastic and I would highly recommend! The free lip balm (50mg CBD) was an awesome touch! Thank you!

Lindsay Brickley
Great daily supplement!

I am so, so happy that I have started these. I have chronic pain which causes depression, exhaustion and also anxiety, all of which have been affecting me less and less as I continue to take these supplements. I will definitely keep taking them.