Kick Starter Recovery Set


Athletic Recovery for fitness enthusiasts!

The Kick Starter Recovery Set Includes:
1 – 30 Serving BCAA + CBD Recovery Drink Mix (Unflavored):
*BCAA’s or Brached Chain Amino Acids have been shown to improve muscle recovery time and muscle rebound. We add the anti-inflammatory aid of CBD to help ease the sore muscles immediately following exercise as the BCAA’s begin their recovery work.
1 – 500mg Full Body Recovery Bath Soak (Citrus & Menthol):
*One of the best methods we have found for recovering sore muscles is soaking in an epsom salt and CBD bath. The salts and minerals cleanse and soothe your skin while the CBD absorbs into the body, relaxing and relieving aches and pains.
1 – 2oz 300mg CBD & Turmeric Muscle Rub (Unscented):
*When dealing with muscle soreness throughout the day, our Tumeric & CBD blend will help alleviate inflammation & soothe muscle pain wherever applied. This rub can also help significantly with dry skin issues resulting from cold weather training.
1 – 1/2oz 250mg Liquid Hemp CBD Drops:
*A tremendous benefit we have realized through our own research and anecdotal experience is that CBD injested pre-workout, can help bring a wonderful sense of mental clarity and focus during athletic activity. This dropper bottle is designed with an ideal 10mg serving size. 
BCAA Flavor

Plain (Unflavored BCAA Mix), Watermelon with Added Electrolytes