Lavender Fields Bubbling Bath Salts with Lavender buds & Raw Amethyst


Lavender & Lilac soak with eco-friendly glitter, lavender buds, and a raw amethyst crystal

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This Gorgeous bubbling bath soak is like no other!! Scented with Lavender & Lilac topped with real organic lavender buds, a raw amethyst gem & eco-friendly glitter. Lavender & Lilac together create a calming blend and make your water the most magical purple!

Amethyst helps to relieve stress, it helps to soothe irritability, and balance mood swings. It helps with sleep and can alleviate sadness & grief.

These stones are small & can cause a choking hazard, not intended for children.

How to use: Spoon out desired amount under running water to create a bubble bath. Alternatively, you can also add spoonfuls of it to a full tub to make a fun foamy CBD bath.


Ingredients: Baking Soda, Epsom Salts, Citric Acid, SLSA, Vegan Colorant, CBD Hemp Oil, Essential Oil, Lavender Buds, Eco-friendly Glitter, Amethyst.