Moisturizing CBD Scalp Relief Serum


Moisturizing CBD Scalp Serum

The perfect product just in time for dry, itchy scalp season!
Try our new Moisturizing CBD Scalp Relief serum to cure your seasonal dry, flaky and itchy scalp! Our unique combination of CBD, Coconut Oil and Tea Tree oil make a significant difference for those who suffer from dry scalp during this time of year.
Directions: Dip fingertips in serum and rub in between hair and into scalp all over! Use before the shower to wash the oil out of your hair.
Ingredients: Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Activated Hemp Extract.

Customer Reviews

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Just received my third jar ...

Love this product! I use it every other day....I massage into my scalp in morning first thing and wash out after my workout. So it is usually in my hair a couple of hours.
Super nourishing! Washes out easily, never have to wash more than once to get it out.
My hair feels stronger and looks healthier since I started using. My scalp is not dry .....this product is wonderful if you are looking to improve scalp health which in return will give you healthier stronger hair.
Highly recommend!

Gently refreshing and hydrating!

As someone who gets a dry scalp during the seasonal changes, plus has extremely sore spots when my Lupus is highly active, I have to say I adore this. The tea tree oil isn’t overpowering at all and it is very gentle on your scalp, while refreshing it with coconut oil as well. The CBD helps with my sore spots and the scalp massage that I give myself with it helps with “me” time. I left it on for the duration of my bath (yes with a Bex bomb!) and then washed it out with my regular shampoo and conditioner.
I definitely recommend this!