Mother’s Day 2021 – Shower and Self-Care Gift Set


A full set of CBD Shower and Self-Care products made just for Mom!

We love Mother’s Day and we love coming up with new fun gift sets just for this special occasion.

This year we have a special set for the moms who don’t take baths but still want to pamper themselves with products specifically designed for the shower along with some self-care afterward!

This set comes complete with:

1 x Bath By Bex Shower Steamer’s 3-Pack: Goodnight, Breathe Deep, Awaken

1 x 100mg Moisturizing CBD Face Serum

1 x 2oz – 300mg CBD+Turmeric Muscle Rub: Peppermint

1 x 100mg Linalool Terpene scented glycerin CBD flower soap

Give mom the gift of Bath By Bex CBD this year!