Paws Approved CBD Oil


Paws Approved CBD Oil:

Specially formulated CBD Oil for your pets!

Unique blends for Dogs and Cats in a variety of strength and size options.


Paws Approved CBD Oil:

There are so many benefits to giving your dogs CBD. From joint pain to anxiety relief, aging pups feel younger and have increased mobility.

  • For medium to large dogs (over 30lbs), give one dropper a day for a week, then up to 1 dropper in the morning & one at night after the first week.
  • For small dogs (less than 30lbs) give them a half dropper to start then up to a full dropper half in the morning & half at night.

This is a mix of coconut oil & olive oil so not only are your dogs getting the benefits of CBD these oils are also great for their coat, keeping them soft, and helps with digestion. We also make an option for the kitty paws in your life, just select “Kitty Paws” for a feline safe option!

Ingredients (Dogs): Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Activated Hemp Extract.


Ingredients (Cats): MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, Activated Hemp Extract.

2oz – 500mg, 2oz – 1000mg, 4oz – 2000mg

Paw Type

Puppy Paws – Dogs, Kitty Paws – Cats

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews

I use the cat version of this on my cat Chessie (Chester). He has arthritis, and it really helps his mobility. He knows where I keep it and will stand in front of the shelf where it is kept until I give to him.

Emily Roberts

I’ll never buy another CBD brand! Love the deals available and easy directions for my senior dog 🥰

Barb Skelton
Positive Change

Our Chihuaua is almost 15 years old. He was really starting to slow down and was starting to limp with joint pain. We have been regularly using this on him and he is like a dog half his age!! It also works great for anxiety in our two almost 2 year old dachshunds!!

Patty Watson
CBD Puppy Oil

This has been wonderful for my pitbull. She used to scratch constantly and was losing hair. She had so many bald spots from scratching and her ears were always red with blood scabs. Since giving her this oil she only scratches every once in a while. her hair grew back and her ears look amazing. She will be taking this for a lifetime. I tried all kinds of things to help her but nothing helped until I purchased CBD oil.

Thank you.

Brittany Reichwald

We have three dogs, and we use this for all of them! That stuff is great for pain management and general anxiety. Highly recommend all of my friends with dogs!!! ❤️

Elizabeth Powell
Positive Results on Anxiety & Energy Levels

I tried CBD for my hyper vigilant German Shepherd (3 years) and my aging Australian Shepherd (12 years). After a couple weeks of consistent use I started to notice my German Shepherd was less nervous outside and was able to pay better attention to me. We've been working on her training for awhile now and the CBD was an incredibly helpful tool to help her relax. My Australian Shepherd has slowed down quite a bit in the last couples years but now he's playing like a puppy and asking for loves again. We are amazed at his energy and 100% attribute it to the CBD oil. Both of our pups are so much happier!!

Lorie A Nelson
Love my cbd

Best I've come across and I've tried many brands.

Kay Kay Finley
Home staple for my elderly dog

Love love love this product. My 14 yr old boy can run around like a puppy again 😍😍

Samantha Frisbie
Dog approved!!

My Bulldog has idiopathic head tremors and this is the only thing that has helped.
Her tremors lessened the first week and then disappeared the next. We will continue to use the CBD oil not only for her tremors but for all the other benefits! We have a happy healthy Bulldog again!

Fireworks approved

I've never had any luck calming my dog down what fireworks. I gave her a drop full of the 500mg bottle, she calmed down out of her panick attack. Helps my senior dog be able to get in and out of bed every day. 100% recommend this oil for your doggie and kitties. Bex you all do amazing things for my puppers!