Paws Approved CBD Oil


There are so many benefits to giving your dogs CBD. From joint pain to anxiety relief, aging pups will feel younger and have more energy. (See our research page for more info)
For medium to large dogs (over 30lbs), give one dropper a day for a week, then up to 1 dropper in the morning & one at night after the first week.
For small dogs (less than 30lbs) give them a half dropper to start then up to a full dropper half in the morning & half at night. 
This is a mix of coconut oil & olive oil so not only are your dogs getting the benefits of CBD these oils are also great for their coat, keeping them soft, and helps with digestion. 
We also make an option for the kitty paws in your life, just select “Kitty Paws” for a feline safe option!
Ingredients (Dogs): Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Activated Hemp Extract.
Ingredients (Cats): MCT Oil, Coconut Oil, Activated Hemp Extract.

500mg, 1000mg

Paw Type

Puppy Paws – Dogs, Kitty Paws – Cats

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Miracle for my dog

I’ve been giving my dog this for over a year, and even her vets have commented on how amazing it’s made her coat look. More recently, she’s been diagnosed with a spinal compression and arthritis, and at only 5 years it’s hard to see; fortunately this oil has made a huge difference in her mobility!

Dog Approved!

Got this oil for my senior dog.. it has helped him sleep better and he seems more calm overall- give him a dropper full every night before bed. Will definitely be buying again.. our furry friends are family too!

Kitty Approved!

My poor kitty is very anxious and jumpy but with the CBD she is able to relax and enjoy being a lazy cat again!