PM Terpene Liquid Hemp CBD Drops


PM Terpene Liquid Hemp CBD Drops

Relaxing and Calming Linalool & Vanilla, Terpene+CBD Night-time blend.


PM Terpene Liquid Hemp CBD Drops

The PM blend of linalool and vanilla is ideal for evenings, relaxing, calming of the mind, eases tension from the muscles and helps battle insomnia. This blend will taste like lavender and vanilla, YUM!

We believe these new terpene blends are a more enhanced way to utilize CBD!

Ingredients: Linalool Terpene Isolate, MCT Oil, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Activated Hemp Extract.

Product contains 0% THC**


1oz – 500mg (10mg CBD Per Dropper), 2oz – 1000mg (10mg CBD Per Dropper), 2oz – 2000mg (20mg CBD Per Dropper)

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
A. Caldwell
Amazing!! 5 stars for sure. Helps me sleep

Love this! I take a dropper every night and it’s been helping me sleep through the night. Highly recommend!

Michelle Danico
Amazing products!

Super helpful for relaxing before bedtime. My kiddos who have Autism and ADHD benefit from small doses as well!

Michelle Hendley

I just ordered this and I live it. It really helps me to relax and fall asleep. I've been having problems sleeping since my mom passed last year. Also, it doesn't have me feeling groggy in the morning like some of the other products especially if you take it to late.

Always work consistently

I love these drops, just take about half of a dropperful in some water. They don't make me feel drowsy, just relaxed. My orthopedic doctor was actually excited I was taking them instead of a bunch of nsaids for pain and soreness.

Emily Wallinga

Fast shipping took me by surprise with all the postal mayhem going on at the moment!

Even better than before

I have been using BbyBex to help me sleep for a couple of years now, but this oil works even better for me. It doesn't take much to help you relax and fall asleep, most likely through the night.

Good sleep

I've been very pleased with my PM Terpene Liquid Hemp CBD Drops, I purchased the 500mg.
The vanilla flavor is super yummy and would be good in warm sleepy tea.
It's helped me fall asleep and has also helped a bit with my body pain.
Very happy that this is offered at very reasonable pricing.
Definitely keeping this and incorporating it with my bedtime routine.
Lovely packaging and turn around is quite quick considering all going on.

Samantha Kozel
Rest easy

Incredible stuff!! Helps me sleep soundly without grogginess the next day. The vanilla flavor taste phenomenal, by the way!

Heather Baldwin

I’ve tried a lot of CBD products and this is by far my favorite. It tastes delicious and I sleep great. I also don’t notice any morning grogginess like I have with other brands. Highly recommend

Amy Lynch
Insomnia? No problem!

I have been using these particular drops for quite awhile (1000 mg bottle, 20mg dose) for help with my severe sleep issues. I have always really struggled sleeping, so when these drops were released I was so relieved! These drops help me relax and make me just tired enough to fall asleep, stay asleep, and I do not wake up feeling groggy. I’m so thankful for this product!! 🙏🏼