Puppy Paw Balm


Puppy Paw Balm:

For hard playing pups with rough or cracked paws, great for any sores or inflammation.


Puppy Paw Balm:

Do your pup’s paws get dry and cracked? Our Puppy Paw Balm was designed for active dogs in mind and is a great help for dogs in the winter time as well. Our dog sure appreciates this little trick when she’s had a long day outside or in the snow and we know yours will too!
We offer a non-scented and a Lavender scented option with this product.
*Lavender scent is a tick and flee repellent.
Ingredients: African Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Beezwax, Lavender Essential Oil, Activated Hemp Extract.

100mg, 300mg


Unscented, Lavender (Tick and Flee Repellent)