Terpy Tangie Terpene CBD Bath Bomb


A wonderful tangerine and lemon scented “Terpy Tangie” – CBD+Terpene Bath Bomb

Terpy Tangie Terpene CBD Bath Bomb

We have another great terpene blend to offer in our “Terpy Tangie” addition. A sweet smell of Tangerine and Lemon will fill your bath and invigorate your senses!

We have used a combination of the terpene citral along with Tangerine essential oil to create this incredibly sweet yet sharp scent profile.

Citral is a strong and powerful Citrus Terpene, often associated with Lemon. This molecule helps bring energy, can help with depression, relieves stress & can even increase metabolism.

The tangerine kick we add really makes this an enjoyable bath for any time of day! A terpene CBD Bath bomb is a fantastic way to utilize more the goodness nature provides through plant based remedies 🙂

Ingredients: Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, SLSA (Sodium Laurel Sulfo-Acetate), Plant-Based Glycerine Color, Essential oil, Terpene Isolate, Coconut Oil, Activated Hemp Extract.

50mg, 100mg

Customer Reviews

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Lindsay Brickley
I love this for morning pain!

I love this for it’s pain relieving properties and also for it’s delicious pick-me-up scent! It helps during the day for a pick me up to get rid of pain, and re-energize.
It’s quickly become one of my newest favorites!

Evan V
Orange you glad you got this one?

Want to smell like fresh squeezed OJ and feel like you got struck by lightning in a good way? Then get this bomb.

The smell!!! So fresh

My body was tangling. So relaxing and fun color!

Perlita Marlin

This is YUMMY and my first time trying the terpene! I wanted to eat sorbet after lol!

Perfect Wake Up!!!

Love the smell! This really wakes you up and helps you start the day off fresh and awake. You feel so refreshed after this. Perfect way to start off the day right! Definitely recommend!

Name says it all

Tangie is my favorite strain and that smell out into a bath bomb, combine with the Terps. Absolutely love this batg bomb. Great for the morning before a long day!

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