Walk in the Woods Terpene CBD Bath Bomb


A woodsy pine terpene-CBD Bath Bomb

Walk in the Woods Terpene CBD Bath Bomb

If you like long walks through the forest and the smell of fresh pine, we have the bath bomb for you.

We have used a combination of the terpenes Myrcene and Alpha-Pinene along with forest pine essential oil to create this fun and natural aroma!

The first terpene you will notice in this bath is the Alpha-Pinene as it is absorbed faster. An alert and more enhanced cognitive feeling is common. Alpha-Pinene is known for it’s ability to aid with memory retention.

The second terpene in this mix is Myrcene. Myrcene is a wonderful terpene that will promote a more relaxing after effect for a good evening bath before bedtime.

This great blend will smell fantastic and add a new element to our lineup that we hope you enjoy!

Ingredients: Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, Citric Acid, SLSA (Sodium Laurel Sulfo-Acetate), Plant Based Glycerine Color, Essential oil, Terpene Isolate, Coconut Oil, Activated Hemp Extract (CBD).

50mg, 100mg

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
So comforting

This is such a comforting scent! Like Christmas in a bath bomb 🥰

AWESOME Products!!!

I absolutely love these products!!

Evan V
Almost as good as a long hike

Nothing beats spending the day outside, hiking with your dog and enjoying the crisp clean air. But this bomb comes damn close! All of the CBD bath bombs are wonderful, my wife and I have tried them all, but this one is one of the best!

10/10 bath bomb

this scent was so relaxing.

Ashley Thompson
Walk in the woods

The name says it all!! If you are calmer after a walk through nature you'll love this. It gives you that very same calm feeling. Definitely a top 5 favorite!!! I usually get one every time I order.

Lilly K
Amazing Smell!

I got this bath bomb in one of my bigger orders as an extra! :) This bath bomb reminds me of the pine scented candles around Christmas time! Super pretty dark green color and leaves skin feeling soft!

Erin M.

I absolutely LOVE this bath bomb. I think it's my new favorite! It's so woodsy and grounding. As always, these cbd bath bombs are SO relaxing (I've been getting the 50mg ones, but 25mg is also very relaxing). I am a gymnastics coach and also chase my one year old daughter around all day, so I'm always achey. These relieve my aches and pains and leave my skin feeling so soft. It's my favorite form of self care. Also, I love that I can trust these ingredients - the only bath bombs trust and honestly the only I will use. If your skin is sensitive, the color-free bombs are a good option for you. So thankful I have these products in my life!

It's my happy place!

This bath bomb is the best scent I've ever come across! I can't get enough of it, I've been hoarding this magic potion. It leaves me feeling so at peace, and silky soft skin too. I'm head over heels in love with this bath bomb!


This will forever be my favorite scent. Oh my gosh. Woodsy and warm, I adore it. And the 100mg strength with terpenes gets the job done against any of my worst muscle aches. I am definitely restocking on these!

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